It is a widely accepted fact that Polaroid cameras played a central role in bringing amateur photography into the bedroom. The introduction of the Polaroid camera allowed many would-be artists to immortalize the subjects of their desire without the need for intermediaries or expensive dark rooms. Instant prints made it possible to freeze private moments in time, making them available for future admiration, contemplation, and self-gratification. In the pursuit of the erotic, the Polaroid camera became the quintessential instrument for prolonging pleasure.

I was too young to understand this when I received my first Polaroid camera as a Christmas gift from my grandfather. It was only years later, when I got the chance to play with a digital camera for the first time, that I was able to comprehend the erotic potential of instant cameras. I realized that there were moments of pleasure and carnal beauty that were too precious to entrust to memory alone; it was imperative to preserve and curate them.

I document the body in an attempt to negate its transience, confining moments to pixels, and making traced shadows on the wall forever indelible.

Mateo de la Rioja