A while back I added a new gallery featuring a selection of my early work. "The Garden" series is comprised of photographs dating back to the late 2000’s, and includes some previously unreleased work. It has taken some time, but I am now publishing in this blog some additional images from this series.

The photographs from “The Garden” were first published years before I built this website. The internet is an ephemeral medium, and some of the images that I published early on have, for better or for worse, mostly disappeared from the web (Tumblr’s porn ban played a large part in that). Giving them a home here is part of an effort to curate and preserve some of those photos.

Going through my early catalogue was also an excuse to do a bit of gardening: cropping a little here, shifting some tones there, etc. Most of these photographs were created using rudimentary tools, including a poorly calibrated monitor, so this was an opportunity to compensate for the technical limitations of the equipment I used at the time.

Here are a few additional selections from the garden.

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the artist's desk when he was a young man

“Encuéntrame en el Parque de la Fertilidad a las cinco”, le había dicho a Beatrice en medio del ruido. Para llegar, había tomado un bus por la Avenida de los Urapanes, dejándolo en la entrada femenina del parque. En el otro extremo, se veía el imponente perfil del enorme falo, la textura de la roca invisible por la distancia.

Atravesó la vulva de piedra, sin poder evitar mirar hacia atrás, y tomó el conocido camino de las musas. Al llegar a la Fuente de los Amantes, quiso beber un trago de agua, pero para su decepción, la fuente estaba seca. Aún sediento y tratando de ignorar el augurio, prosiguió su camino hasta llegar al extremo masculino del parque. Cansado, apoyó su espalda contra el falo.

Es difícil decir cuánto tiempo pasó, pero desde su llegada, la sombra del falo se había trasladado lentamente de un lado al otro del suelo, marcando el pasar del tiempo como un reloj de sol. Ahora el viento traía retazos desechados de papel con inscripciones hechas a mano; una serie de versos escritos sobre el otrora calendario lunar que servía de folleto para los visitantes del parque. No fue necesario mirar dos veces para reconocer en ellos su puño y letra.

Fue entonces cuando comenzó a llover. Al principio, los truenos en el cielo solo habían logrado conjurar unas pocas gotas, pero lentamente, la tormenta se había erguido sobre su cabeza, escupiendo tanta lluvia que parecía que cayesen chorros. Resignado, abotonó su gabardina y comenzó su camino de regreso. Beatrice no había venido hoy tampoco.

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Experience has taught me that creative projects are rarely truly finished; rather, they most often simply get abandoned at some point. Deadlines, whether self-imposed or not, can be great for stimulating the creative process by limiting the canvas of choices. However, there is also something to be said for taking time away from projects, and approaching them with a fresh eye. Often, while looking at old photos, I discover gems that had previously gone unnoticed. Similarly, I sometimes question my previous creative choices, and come up with new ways of approaching the material.

This is what happened with the images from my photo shoot with Chloe, which resulted in a new series of photos titled “La Bruma”.

In 2015, I went on an unforgettable road trip that took me from California to Arizona, Utah, and Nevada. Along the way, we stopped in a beautiful lake, where this underwater set of nudescapes was shot.

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Ropeybunny, Kosmick, and I got together in the cheapest and smallest motel room we could find to document one of their rope sessions. The poor light, mixed lighting conditions, and tiny space made this a challenging shoot, but it was nonetheless a blast to photograph these two doing their thing.

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