A while back I added a new gallery featuring a selection of my early work. "The Garden" series is comprised of photographs dating back to the late 2000’s, and includes some previously unreleased work. It has taken some time, but I am now publishing in this blog some additional images from this series.

The photographs from “The Garden” were first published years before I built this website. The internet is an ephemeral medium, and some of the images that I published early on have, for better or for worse, mostly disappeared from the web (Tumblr’s porn ban played a large part in that). Giving them a home here is part of an effort to curate and preserve some of those photos.

Going through my early catalogue was also an excuse to do a bit of gardening: cropping a little here, shifting some tones there, etc. Most of these photographs were created using rudimentary tools, including a poorly calibrated monitor, so this was an opportunity to compensate for the technical limitations of the equipment I used at the time.

Here are a few additional selections from the garden.

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