Catalina had a list of things she wanted to do before reaching an important birthday, and lucky for me, one of them was having nude photos taken of her. This set was shot in her Los Angeles apartment during a sunny April morning. Happy (belated) birthday, Cat!

Updated on September 25, 2019 with some previously unreleased photographs.

blindfolded and naked, catalina reclines on the sofa catalina sitting naked on a chair by the kitchen window catalina wearing a corset and a g-string revealing her back catalina exposing her breasts as she sits in the kitchen table reflection of topless catalina on a mirror detail of her g-string and naked ass catalina standing naked by the kitchen window she holds up her hair with eyes closed as the light falls on her breasts detail of catalina's erect nipple and breast she pulls her knees towards her chest to reveal her labia she uses a pink vibrator to pleasure herself she spreads her ass cheeks to reveal her anus and vagina she uses a hand mirror to get a better view of her swollen labia catalina uses a hand mirror to get a better view of her wet vagina she spreads her wet labia to reveal her swollen clitoris she spreads her labia to reveal her swollen clit