Anna kisses Austin's stomach after caressing his erect penis

Anna and Austin welcomed me to their home in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and invited me to photograph them in the privacy of their bedroom. Below is how Anna described her vision for the shoot:

Basically, we’d like to do a shoot that focuses on the intimacy and connection of a relationship, both sexual and non-sexual. We’re also into BDSM, so perhaps that could play a part as well? Not by bringing loads of gear, or anything like that, but just by incorporating some shots that showcase his physical dominance, or the simple fact that he is significantly bigger and stronger than me. That’s something I’ve always really liked about the BDSM aesthetic, that there is the capacity for real hurt, but even when Austin does choose to hurt me (within the confines of “playing”, of course!) it’s coupled with extreme tenderness and care.

It was a pleasure being able to document this aspect of their relationship with my camera.

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