A few weeks ago I received the following message from Chloe through my website:

I’m 22 and looking to build a portfolio. I looked through your gallery and your work really captivated me. I’d love to do some boudoir photography with you.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to collaborate with Chloe to create this set of photos.

April 2020 update: I have released a new set of photos from this photo shoot titled “La Bruma”.

lights and shadows play on Chloe's thigh as she slowly removes her panties Chloe spreads her ass to reveal her anus and labia as she admires herself in the mirror she kneels naked in front of the mirror pushing out her ass Chloe puts on her black and red garter belt detail of Chloe's pierced nipples and finger tattoos Chloe sits on her pantihose covered feet showing her lovely anus she lies in bed spreading her ass with her hand to expose her vagina detail of Chloe's anus and vagina as she kneels in front of the mirror wearing pantihose Chloe spreads her ass to expose her anus detailed macro shot of Chloe's vagina and anus she rubs her clitoris and spreads her pink labia to expose her wet vagina nude portrait of Chloe naked in bed