A few weeks ago I received the following message from Chloe through my website:

I’m 22 and looking to build a portfolio. I looked through your gallery and your work really captivated me. I’d love to do some boudoir photography with you.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to collaborate with Chloe to create this set of photos.

April 2020 update: I have released a new set of photos from this photo shoot titled “La Bruma”.

lights and shadows play on Chloe's thigh as she slowly removes her panties Chloe spreads her ass to reveal her anus and labia as she admires herself in the mirror she kneels naked in front of the mirror pushing out her ass Chloe puts on her black and red garter belt detail of Chloe's pierced nipples and finger tattoos Chloe sits on her pantihose covered feet showing her lovely anus she lies in bed spreading her ass with her hand to expose her vagina detail of Chloe's anus and vagina as she kneels in front of the mirror wearing pantihose Chloe spreads her ass to expose her anus detailed macro shot of Chloe's vagina and anus she rubs her clitoris and spreads her pink labia to expose her wet vagina nude portrait of Chloe naked in bed

I had the great pleasure of photographing the amazing Christiana Cinn and her friend Stephen in downtown LA. I released the first set from that photo shoot a few days ago, and I am excited to share the second set now.

Christiana Cinn pushes her ass on his face so he can eat her out Christiana Cinn lays back with her legs spread so he can perform cunnilingus on her Christiana Cinn straddles him as he spreads her ass cheeks to reveal her anus Christiana Cinn sits on his face as she screams in pleasure He grabs Christiana Cinn's ass with both hands as he eats her out Christiana Cinn straddles his face and receives cunnilingus Christiana Cinn grabs his erect penis with both hands and outs it between her breasts Christiana Cinn kneels on the floor to perform fellatio on him Christiana Cinn undoes his zipper with her teeth Christiana Cinn with semen on her breasts resting on a bed
Anna kisses Austin's stomach after caressing his erect penis

Anna and Austin welcomed me to their home in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and invited me to photograph them in the privacy of their bedroom. Below is how Anna described her vision for the shoot:

Basically, we’d like to do a shoot that focuses on the intimacy and connection of a relationship, both sexual and non-sexual. We’re also into BDSM, so perhaps that could play a part as well? Not by bringing loads of gear, or anything like that, but just by incorporating some shots that showcase his physical dominance, or the simple fact that he is significantly bigger and stronger than me. That’s something I’ve always really liked about the BDSM aesthetic, that there is the capacity for real hurt, but even when Austin does choose to hurt me (within the confines of “playing”, of course!) it’s coupled with extreme tenderness and care.

It was a pleasure being able to document this aspect of their relationship with my camera.

Interested in working with me? Get in touch!

I’m excited to share the results of my recent photo-shoot in Downtown Los Angeles with Lark Terry!

She stands naked by the window exposing her small breasts and wearing glasses She bends over against the wall exposing her wet pink labia and ass She leans against the windowsill exposing her ass and tattoos She spreads her ass to expose her wet shaved vagina and anus She lifts her skirt to expose her shaved vagina through her crotchless fishnets She lifts her skirt to expose her wet pink labia and anus She squats on the fire escape revealing her shaved vagina through her crotchless fishnets She stands naked in front of a large window showing Downtown Los Angeles in the background Her shaved mound and labia are exposed through her crotchless fishnets Lark Terry lying naked in her bed exposing her small breasts and bright red hair Lark Terry's bright red hair shines as she lies naked in bed She stands in front of the window exposing her small breasts and ass Close-up photo of her shaved mound and labia with Downtown Los Angeles in the background View of Lark standing naked outside in the fire escape while she looks at Downtown Los Angeles Nude portrait of Lark Terry showing her small breasts and red hair

Bonus GIF:

Foreplay in the age of telespresence.

self-shot photo of nude breasts with birthday message written in them with lipstick
discharge dripping out of a woman's vagina
self-portrait of clothed man revealing his flaccid penis through his open zipper
selfie of erect penis